Group Survival

Holidays often bring us together with people who share vastly different opinion and philosophy from us.

One can argue, or find common ground.

One thing I know is the survival of groups – be it from a scientific and evolutionary perspective, social or religious perspective; Groups only survive when their members learn how to take care of and look out for each other.

Who’s got your back today?

Susie Explains Evolution

This is Susie Neunmalklug – also known as Susie Smartypants. In German, her name means “Nine Times Clever”. Susie is the character in a children’s book on Evolution by Michael Schmidt-Salomon and Helge Nyncke. See the link for more information.

Here, Susie gives us an explanation of her experience challenging her teacher Mr. Hemplemann’s explanation of literal Biblical Creationism. Go Susie, go!