on Apr 11th, 2007National Adopt a Puppy Day

ThelmaLouiseToday, while walking to work, I was stopped by a nice gal from the ASPCA that informed me today was “National Adopt a Puppy Day”.  I said thanks but two years ago, in January, we did adopt two puppies.  We originally were just going to adopt one, but when I saw “the girls” online I said to my husband….how about two, they’re small??!!

They were all ready named Thelma (left) and Louise (right)…and we thought that it fit.  Even thought they have not tried to jump off any cliffs…thank goodness. We are not sure of their exact birthday…we were told they were a year old but they grew after we adopted them…we figure they are around three years old.  Thelma usually greets me with her stuffed squirrel in her mouth when I get home from work.  Louise can be a bit nervous and sometimes barks at nothing at all.  They are both amazingly alert and sometimes tussel with each other.  Louise loves to watch TV…which is very funny….especially “The Dog Whisperer”.  Cesar Milan would not approve that we let them sleep in bed with us…

So, if you can make the commitment to pet ownership, check you local shelter and give an animal a home.  We adopted our “girls” from Animal Haven Shelter http://www.animalhavenshelter.org

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  1. CJ Andersonon 11 Apr 2007 at 4:09 am

    great article!

    Just wanted to let you know that Cesar has no objection to dogs sleeping on beds – it is just when they decide where YOU sleep on the bed that it becomes a pack leader issue!

    So if you are the first on the bed and THEN invite the dog up – great packleader technique! If you decide where the dog can sleep be on the bed or when to pet the dog! Dead on! If the dog comes up and demands pets, or gets between you and a loved one wellllllll…. then he rules the roost and you arent the packleader!

    Just thought you might like this clarification.
    CJ Anderson
    Yahoo Dog Whisperer Fan Email list owner!
    (Suggested by Cesar’s Newsletter)

  2. mrssoccion 11 Apr 2007 at 11:23 am

    Thank you CJ for your clarification! I’m getting better at the packleader role. The first day we got the girls we had every intention on having them sleep in a crate. But, the first night they got on the bed when we got on the bed and we really didn’t mind. And they also behave when we tell them to “get off the bed”. I had no idea there was a Dog Whisperer Fan List on Yahoo…I’ll need to sign up! Thanks again!

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