Come N Get Me

Come on over boy
Waitin’ in Snoopy’s satchel
Take the blues away

What’s takin’ so long
Dont you love me no more boy?
Ain’t you hurt enough

Nobody else knows
But i know boy,take a taste
Better than pussy

Blanket of roses
Pillow of the softest wool
Melt like wax with me

What’d you say boy?
You “Cant make it”? WTF?
Your ass is mine now

I will bust your head
Rack your soul with mad pain
Come back my lover

I will forgive you
Again and again my pet
Til’ the end of time

Just give me your soul
Give me everything youve got
Give it all to me

You will not need it
When my work is through with you
You wont even care

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