First of all – you can help right NOW by text message the word HAITI on your mobile phone to 25383 to make a $5 donation via the International Rescue Committee.

Second of all, I feel so helpless. I want to be there digging, or passing out bottles of water, or cleaning porta-potties or SOMETHING… anything to help.

I suppose this is a terribly ignorant point of view, but I’m following the world’s response – in particular the United State’s.

I’m thinking if EVER there were a *GOOD* reason to invade a country, this is it.

I mean we can walk all over Afghanistan and Pakistan. We tore Iraq apart at the seams.  But the 82nd Airborne has to circle the island for five hours? Aid workers are backed up at the airport? What the hell? You know?

We’re the USA for Christ’s sake. With all our wealth, and all our patriotism and flag waving THIS is best we can do???

Send in the Marines. Take this shit over man. Provide security. Get water, food, shelter, sanatation, and security where it is needed, NOW, before it is too late.

Dig them out. Secure the perimeter. Protect the weak and the innocent. Get it together and then get the hell out.

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