Time Machine

My son Alex asked me a question the other day, “What super power would you like to have?”… It is an interesting question…

My first thought was that it’d be pretty cool if I could fly…

Then I thought it would be pretty cool if I could be invisible; but on second thought the idea seemed just a little creepy…

Then we decided that having a time machine and being able to move through time would be the most interesting of all.

Immediately I thought of Einstein, who’s Special Theory of Relativity predicts the ability to move through time. I also though of the huge paradox often mentioned in regard to time travel. The paradox being, if people from the future are able to travel back in time then why haven’t we seen or met any of them?

I thought of an answer to that paradox, but it is a little depressing. The answer is that we aren’t meeting up with our descendants traveling back in time because they don’t exist. Maybe we just don’t survive long enough to develop that technology.

Maybe some Christian President will give Jesus the keys to the country so the Rapture can come. Then all the good boys and girls will go to heaven. Then fire will rain down from heaven on all the scientists and humanists and they’ll be cast down into a great fiery hell.

Or maybe it will just be a great big rock from outer space…

2 thoughts on “Time Machine

  1. Wow, that’s deep.

    That’s really deep.

    Maybe the technology never gets developed because no one ever finds a way.

    After all, the sun has got to nova one of these days (what, in about 5 billion years from now or something?)

    Maybe nobody is interested in our time period. Or their impact on us isn’t noticeable?

    You view point is quite interesting, though, I must say.

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