When Life Just Isn’t Fair

We’ve had our share of trials lately. The latest one, just today, my wife lost her job.

It seems the company lost a big fat client, or what they thought was a big fat client, and slashed twelve percent of the their staff.

This is in addition to her being in a bus accident recently (while traveling between clients).

In addition to all of this, our family was recently struck with a tragedy I can not fully mention. Suffice to say, it was a big one.

In the midst of all of this I’ve found myself bitter and angry. Life must go on, and we are going on. We put on our happy faces and try to dull the razor’s edge of our anger for the day. Mostly we’ve been successful but for a few unfortunate instances before we got control—if you can call it control.

It comes out of us in other ways. I can’t sleep for shit without drugs. I have chronic aches and pains. Kristin has been hanging on pretty well and her job has been a real island of sanity and purpose. Now that’s gone and she’ll have to find another.

I had a teacher in kindergarten of all places who said to me something I never forgot,

“Life isn’t fair.”

Boy, she had that one right.

We keep on moving—looking forward to brighter days.

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